Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dillon's First Christmas

This holiday season was a special one this year with a new addition to our family. Dillon enjoyed his first Christmas(as much as we could tell!) with family in Durham and in Burnsville. His grandmas and aunts and uncles really know how to spoil a grandbaby!!! Christmas eve was spent at my Mother in Law's. We had the traditional Norwegian dinner, which was tasty as ever this year. Next year, Dillon will get to drool over dinner with his cousin by his side! We played some fun games, one before dinner and one after. The first one was a big consisted of everyone recieving a funny santa hat that we all wore during dinner. We took a group shot with all the hats but not on my camera. I will have to post that later. The other game is a family game from Evan's brother in law's family. This game consists of taking a gift, naming it and hiding it so no one can steal it from you...but it gets stolen anyways, especially the one you really want, haha. It gets pretty crazy, trust me. Especially when you open your gift and see what it is....haha. Christmas day, we woke up and drove to the mountains(in too much traffic for Christmas day, we thought). We stopped once to feed Dillon the the way there, but made it back home without having to stop. Not too bad of a drive with a 4 week old. Dillon met his uncle(my brother), great grandma, great grandpa, great uncles and great aunts and cousins for the first time. We had fun opening presents and eating Christmas dinner and Christmas lunch. My parent's house is almost done, which is exciting! Its been a long time coming. The next time we go to visit, they should be all moved in, sitting on their deck watching the sunrise over the mountains.
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Holiday Bundle of Joy

So, it has been a while since I updated the blog. A LOT has happened. I will sum up the past 3 weeks with pictures and it goes.....

If you did not know, I had a baby, 11 days overdue. Pitocin, epidural that didn't work at the end, lots of pushing, vaccum, blah blah blah. Labor was not fun but the end result was so worth it!!!!!!

Dillon Thomas Leekley....I love him so much!

Evan is such a great dad, he was a natural from the start! :)

Came home on Thanksgiving day, had a lot to be thankful for this year...a healthy pregnancy and baby boy, great family who have loved welcoming Dillon as much as we did and all their love and support. Everyone came to our house for dinner the day after. Didn't do a thing and it was nice! Good food, Dillon met his cousin, everyone cleaned up for us and we called it a night.

He does a lot of this....

and not a whole lot of this....

First walk in his stroller

First football game with daddy...go Panthers!

Has his daddy's squint lines already between his eyes

Made a bunch of yummy cookies with the fam, ate a pretty good number of them. Oatmeal chocolate chip, sugar cookies and peppernuts(a traditional cookie made every year at Christmas time...Evan usually eats them all in one day)

Jenna came to visit! He loves his godmommy :)

Went to a holiday party at Evan's cousin's house...lots of good food!! The dads with thier babies

Happy AFTER his first bath in his tub.

Had everyone over for my birthday. PF Changs for dinner and some awesome gifts! Dillon was even extra good for mommy on her birthday(during the day, haha).

Whew! That took forever! The past 3 weeks have been amazing as well as a learning experience of a lifetime. I love every minute of being a mom to this sweet baby boy. He is such a joy in our lives!!


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