Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dillon's Vintage Train Room {Finished!}

Dillon's new room is finally done! It took a lot longer than I thought, but I love how it all turned out!  Dillon helped with a few of the things, and he just loves looking at all his train stuff everywhere!

The bedding was the first thing in there, I am so jealous of his bed! It is so so soft and comfy and I want to steal it from him!  The big RR sign above the bed is made by daddy. It turned out great! Just a simple 1x4 cut in half and painted to resemble the real thing. I love how Dillon picks out the signs he sees at RR crossings and says "hey, that's in my room!"

To the right of the bed is a side table we already had (Ikea). It is lower than a normal bedside table, so I had the idea of adding a suitcase to the top to make it taller. Since the room has a vintage feel going on, I wanted an old suitcase, and the one we found was perfect! My Grandpa's from the 1940's. He said he hitchhiked across Maine with it, carrying deer meat inside....Good story but I think its a stretch. :)  Under the table is a basket from his old room with all his books. Ignore the crazy mess of the books and whatnot on the floor. That's just toddler life. Be glad I got it looking this good for the pics! haha!

The bed skirt was going to be light blue, but I found some burlap I had laying around and attached it to just the end and it looked good with the theme, so I bought more and just pinned it to the box spring. No sewing, just cutting! His bed is really high, so I put this cute antique bench at the end of his bed so he can climb up a little easier. Another cheap thrift store find!

To the right of his bed is his wall collage. He loves looking at all the train pics in the frames! The white frames are all Ikea and the others were thrift store finds. I'm talkin 50-75 cents! I had some blue yarn left from a project and wrapped a letter D (this took forever) and I added some curtain fabric in frames to tie it in. The yellow RR sign was a special sign Dillon picked out at our Tweetsie Railroad trip back in July!

The wall next to the closet (behind the door) has his RR sign clock, maybe he will learn what time he can start yelling for us in the am!  :)

The wall to the left of his bed has his big train poster. This was a poster print (4 bucks at Walgreens!) from a vintage magazine my mom found at an antique store. Also in a thrift store frame!
The curtains on this wall are my favorite part (and the pillow!). I am loving the chevron in his room, and so glad I ordered enough fabric for a pillow too! I am already thinking about what to make with the rest! (something baby related!) PS- please ignore how floppy the curtains look, I need to get more ring hooks to hold them up, they are a little droopy but wanted to just get them up!
The bookshelves under the windows are something from Pinterest, Ikea spice racks, and D loved painting these! 

Crazy eyes!!


Next up is the nursery! That probably won't be done until December!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maternity Must Haves

I have definitely learned the second time around what I really need and don't need for this pregnancy. These are my must haves while being pregnant, some in only certain trimesters. I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember what they are. Story of my life at the moment.  :)

Leggings-I just bought these at H&M and they are amazing!! I love how they go over the belly, makes them super comfortable. I didn't own many pairs of leggings last pregnancy, but I have a feeling, its all I'm going to wear this fall!
Bella Band- I didn't use it as much the first time, probably because I was so excited about buying new maternity clothes, that I just wore those instead. This time, I wore my regular shorts all summer instead of buying maternity ones (besides one pair of maternity jean shorts).
Boppy Body Pillow- Last time, I used three different pillows and they usually ended up on the floor or not in the right place. This pillow is great because it replaces all those pillows and helps me sleep better! This will come in handy even more in third trimester.
Sparkling Soda-I probably wouldn't have survived my first trimester without Izze. Thats all.
Gummy vitamins-Horse pills are my worst enemy, my throat always closes up in fear at the sight of them. I started using flintstone vitamins at the end of last pregnancy, but those still tasted awful. At least these go down easy and taste good!
Baby Center App-There have been a few times people ask me what week I am and I have to think about it for a second. I don't keep up with it aka someone has sucked all my brain cells away already. ha! This sends me a notification every Monday and says what week I am...it does my brain's job for me.
Water-love me some water!! Gotta stay hydrated!
Layering tanks-The long and lean tanks from target or Old Navy tanks come in handy to extend the life of non maternity clothes.
Skinny belt-In order for my boobs and belly to not be one giant blob that runs together under a shirt (I call it the short waisted, big boobed problem), I need definition between the two...so I will be wearing lots of skinny belts this fall with tunics and sweaters (that way, I can wear a lot more of my regular clothes!)
Work out shoes-My dear hubby bought these fabulous pink Nikes for me on Mother's Day. They are great because they have a lot more give to them, so when my feet grow, I can still go to the gym!


What a difference a month can make!!


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