Sunday, March 28, 2010


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Weekend Updates

The Leekley household has been busy the past couple weeks...we have been go go go non stop and I haven't been able to sit down to blog! This will be a quick update post of what we have been up to lately....Went to Greensboro to my college roomate and her cute baby Brayden. Dillon tried to munch on his head but Brayden didn't seem to mind since he tried to eat his finger. They are best buds! The next weekend, the fam headed up the the mountains to see my parent's new house, finally done and all moved in! It was nice and homey with some awesome views. Sherman loved the mountain air and Dillon did too! Then, this past weekend, Dillon and I made a trip to Greenville for a good friend's baby shower. Beth and I have known each other since we were 4 and we use to play all the time with our baby dolls! Now we are both mommies and can't believe it! She is also having a boy.  :) Gotta love all these boys being born!! Dillon is 4 months old, it crept up on me too fast! I need to do his milestone post but we haven't been to the Dr yet so we don't know how much he weighs or anything! ha! I'm guessing 13 and some change for weight and 25 1/2 for length.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

3 Month Photo Shoot

We had Mr Baby's pictures taken at a studio in Cary last week. He did awesome considering how much we cut into his nap time. He was all smiles and laughs for the photographer, and such a flirt! We have so many favorites, it will be hard to narrow it down on ones to buy!
Here is the website to view the photos- Revolution Studios
click on client access at the bottom right and type in the password 2197-dillon 
enter your name and email

Back to Sleep....

does not apply to us anymore.....unless we want to hold the poor baby down all night. The past couple weeks, Dillon has been developing a dislike to sleeping on his back. We have swaddled him for 3 months every night and he has pretty much stayed on his back. Recently, he will not stay in his swaddle(unless he is REALLY tired) and will go from sleeping on his side to rolling onto his tummy. He didn't like it the first few nights and would cry, bury his face into his sheet and freak his mommy out. I went in and would turn him over and he would go back to sleep. For a while, I would turn him like a flap jack every time he rolled onto his belly, but now I'm over it. There is no forcing him when clearly, he would much rather be on his tummy. I have stopped worrying(kind of) and now he is much happier....

Mr Baby sleeps like this pretty much all night. And he looks darn cute doing it.  :)

A Girly Craft

I haven't made something girly in a while so I was excited to whip up some cute things for a baby shower we went to on Saturday night. I don't have pictures of all the things I made, but here is one set so you will get the idea....

I made two sets of matching burp cloths and bibs. This is one and the other was pink and black ribbon layered down/across the middle of each. I also monogrammed the bibs, an H on the one shown and the baby's name on the other. They turned out cute and oh so girly!! Now its time to make some more boy things for a shower at the end of the month!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Typical Day

I am participating in Show Us Your Life:Your Typical Day, at Kelly's Korner. She is an awesome blogger to follow, by the way. She has over 6,000 followers!

As a working mom who is just part time, My M-TH schedule is all the same and Fridays are my days to be lazy, clean, craft, spend some qt with Dillon or to schedule appointments/playdates.
A typical work day looks like this....
6:00am wake up to eat and get myself ready.
6:30 wake up the sweet sleeping baby to feed him, then he hangs out with daddy who is slowly waking up to like 5 alarms.
7:00 I finish getting ready for work and give the boys their kisses before I'm rushing out the door by 7:20-7:30.
I turn on G105.1 for my 35-40(depending on my road rage) minute drive to work for some laughs to wake me up.
8:00 to 3:00 I am at work, then head over to pick up Dillon by 3:30, who is with Evan at work(so thankful for this!)
I get some good smiles from my sweet boy and we head home or to the grocery store. If its nice, we take a walk.
He naps from 4:30ish-6:00ish while I wash bottles and make dinner.
I feed Dillon when he wakes up and he plays on his playmat while we finish dinner.
8:00 is bath and bedtime for baby. After he is out for the night, I facebook/blog/email, watch my tv shows(if I can stay awake) and then I get everything ready for the next day(lunch, pumping stuff, etc)
9:00-10:00 I am usually half asleep on the couch!
Then it starts all over again in the am....and the best part is my happy baby I wake up to every morning!  :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Poor Baby....

Was scared to death of daddy's fart last night. I almost peed in my pants(which is pretty easy to do these days post baby) laughing so hard, even though Dillon didn't think it was funny. He was sitting in my lap, facing out and looking around the room. All of a sudden, Evan let out a loud, high pitched toot. Dillon almost jumped out of my lap and instantly started to wail. For some reason, this particular kind of fart scared the boogers out of him. He usually doesn't mind when daddy lets it rip .We couldn't help but laugh. Poor baby.


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