Wednesday, December 7, 2011


If I don't write down these cute little sayings that make us smile, I will completely forget...I am going to start posting Dillonisms each month on cute or funny phrases we hear around the house!!  :)

Talking about climbing up stairs- "I uping!" or "Go up, up, uping!"

Almost every day, he tells me something he likes- "I like choo choos"  or my favorite- "I like cupcakes!" with a mouth full of cupcake :)

One night while taking a bath- "I poo-pooed...yucky!!!!"  Luckily, he didn't actually poop in the tub :)

He is always telling us to sit down-"mommy sit, daddy sit, Dillon sit" He wants us to all sit together on the couch or on the floor to read.

Before we leave the house, he tells the dog " Doggie, go poo poo."


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