Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its a.........

BOY!!!!!!! We were scared our little future lacrosse player would not be known until later in the week because he seems to be a stubborn little thing! We went to Prenatal Peek, a 3d/4d ultrasound place and about 9 others came to find out the exciting news with us. First, I could not use the bathroom when I got there(I had to go, bad) because the tech said a full bladder would push the baby up higher for better viewing. So, we started the ultrasound and she found the heartbeat right away. 161! Next, she started naming out body parts and such and everyone in the room was oooing and awwing. She got to the legs and said they were crossed so she proceeded to push on my stomach/really full bladder with the wand thingy and jiggle the poor kid to make him uncross his legs. Well, it took what seemed like forever and a bunch of earthquakes(thats what it looked like on the inside) for him to uncross his legs and show us his stuff. It was probably only 6 or 7 minutes but it felt like 20. I had all these thoughts running through my mind about not knowing, but she finally got him to uncross and boom, there it was!!! I cried from the excitement and relief. Evan may have even shed a tear....he was so happy to know he would have a little boy to do "man" things with! It is so nice to be able to know now so I can start thinking in blue. Our nursery furniture should be here in the next couple weeks so we are starting to plan out a fun room for our little man. Ahhh, we are so excited!!! Our next Dr appt will be at 20 weeks with an ultrasound so it will be nice to see him again. Being a mommy is really starting to sink in now!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Hobby

I pretended like I could sew when I was younger and made some "purses" with my Great Grandma's sewing machine. Now, I have a new sewing machine and lessons from my mother in law that expanded my knowledge and skill! Making crafty things is a stress reliever for me and sewing has been a great that I know what I'm doing, haha. The first project was a taggie blanket for my niece that I wanted for make for her a long time ago. I don't have a picture of that one. I figured I would keep it simple at first and stuck with little taggie burp cloths......On the second one, I forgot to place the ribbon on the inside of the blanket before I turned it right side out, so one side has the taggies on the inside...oops. These were really fun to make so I will probably keep cranking them out with the rest of my fabric and ribbon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Strawberry Time!

We made it out to pick strawberries on Saturday and glad we went early b/c prego and heat do not mix well these days. There is this cute little farm called Waller Family Farm near our house we always drive by, so that was the place. Evan and I picked for about 45 min and had about 10(no joke) pounds of strawberries!! I ate lots on the way home and more when we got back. We took a gallon bag over to Megan and Mike's and still have tons left.... So, I froze a few bags and the rest will be munched on and made into a strawberry cake tomorrow! Whew! They are probably some of the best strawberries I have ever tasted, and I had to test out the macro setting on my camera......Hope everyone got some fresh strawberries this season! Happy eating :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Beat of my Heart"

No, not the bad Hillary Duff song, the baby's heartbeat! We finally got to hear the heartbeat today at my Dr appt. I was a little nervous(my blood pressure proved it) but once we heard the strong beating, my nerves calmed down. What an amazing sound!! Evan was equally excited and amazed! The Doc laughed because she had to keep moving the doppler around so much to keep up with our active baby and told us the loud thump over the heartbeat was a kick.....hhmmm, it seems to be taking after it's daddy, haha. I don't have my mind set on what the sex may be. I have no gut feelings and haven't had any crazy dreams about boy or girl. The only way for me to keep sane is to just not guess and not have my mind set on a certain one because I will be equally happy for either a boy or girl!! May 30th is our big day...I am going to make sure I eat some chocolate before the ultrasound to get the baby all reved up..haha.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

I had a great first Mother's Day and celebrated with the other two moms. Evan surprised me and bought us my other "baby", an SLR camera!! Photography has always been a favorite hobby of mine and I have a lot to learn about this camera! I had to test it out on the new mom and daughter......

And I had to get a couple of me and my baby daddy :)Happy Mother's Day to all the other mothers and mothers-to-be :)

Baby Talk

Well, the first trimester is over, I am 14 1/2 weeks. I can not decide if the first 14 went by fast or slow...hhmmm, March 7th(the day we found out) seems like forever ago, but then again, only 4 1/2 weeks until halfway! We have our nursery furniture ordered and it should be here the beginning of June. May 30th is the day....hopefully.....we find out if our baby is a future lacrosse player or future princess(Evan says). I will be 16 1/2 weeks at that point and they said 16 weeks is the earliest at the 3D ultrasound place. Should be pretty exciting!!! I am so ready to find out and then start planning the nursery. Evan is really excited, he said he wanted to pick out paint the weekend we find out.....he's so cute, and he will be such a cute dad! :)

We found a really cool store in Carboro called the Red Hen.

They have new boutique-ish type things as well as consignment items like clothes, toys, strollers, etc. We found some cute clothes, gender neutral of course. They are always getting new things in, so it will definitely be a place we will go every now and then to find some good deals.

We have had some good "new" baby experience with our sweet little niece, Stella.

She is spoiling us because she is such a good baby. Evan changed her diaper all by himself the other day and of course I had to watch since I have never witnessed him changing a diaper. He did such a good job, I thought I would be correcting him over his shoulder every 5 seconds but I was very impressed, such a natural. Just wait until he has to change a poopy diaper on a moving baby......haha.


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