Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gettin Messy

We love getting messy at our house so we tried homemade gak for the first time! Just cornstarch, water and foodcoloring. Dillon requested purple and green, his favorite colors. He had a blast and did not want to clean up. I think the best part was watching his face when the gak would ooze through his fingers and toes...hilarious!! This is such an easy clean up too, rinses right off skin and we just rolled up the tablecloth and sprayed it outside!

Easy Peasy Yogurt Pie

Today was a good day for baking since we were stuck inside from the yucky hurricane (even though we did go out to the grocery store and mall). I wanted to make my favorite summer dessert one last time before summer is over and the warm comfort foods take over the kitchen!  My mom made this pie many times when I was growing up and it didn't last long!!  Basically, all the pie contains is yogurt and cool whip! See, so easy! I use the small pre-made graham cracker crust, one small container of lite cool whip and two containers of yogurt. My mom always made blueberry or raspberry flavored with real berries mixed in. This time I made a berry and a key lime. I wanted to try something new and see how key lime yogurt would taste!  Its pretty good and satisfied my key lime craving, but I still think berry is my favorite!  Once you mix the yogurt and coop whip together, pour into the crust, cover and freeze for a few hours. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Aftermath from the quake we felt in Durham today!!!! Oh, that is from two tornadoes named Dillon and Zoey :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Cupcake Truck

Durham is well known for their food trucks and Daisycakes is probably my favorite! Who doesn't love cupcakes on your way to the farmer's market?! They are opening their storefront in Oct which is pretty exciting. Speaking of food trucks, we are going to Durhams biggest food truck roundup on Sunday at Durham Central Park. There will be 15 trucks ranging from The Grilled Cheese Bus (um yes please) to Locopops! I love Durham!!

My Handsome Boy

Dillon was such a stud in his tux and converses at my Brother-in-law's wedding! So proud of him and Stella for making it down the aisle!


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