Sunday, April 1, 2012

Disney {the road trip}

Dillon is getting super excited about going to Disney and so am I!!! He asks every day if its time to go see "big Mickey" yet, and we go over how many days until we leave and "daddy's coming too, mommy's coming too, Dillon's coming too." The only thing I am a little nervous about is the trip down and back. D is pretty good in the car now, but we have never driven THIS far with him. My mind has been ticking about all the activities to collect the past few weeks to keep him busy as much as possible. We are leaving super early Monday morning and hoping we can occupy him with breakfast, lots of playing, videos, more eating, Iphone apps, lunch and then maybe we can get a nice long nap thrown in there (say a prayer for a LONG one, lol). Then, it will hopefully be time for dinner when he gets up, more playing and then arrive in Orlando! While out shopping, Dillon and I have hit up the cheap stores to look for little activities...I didn't want to spend a fortune on new toys/stuff for him that he will probably just ruin or loose on the trip. The goal is to bring some new stuff to get his attention and some things he already has that are his favorites. To my surprise, Dollar Tree had a TON of Mickey stuff...score!! My new favorite "cheap as dirt and awesome toddler toy" store is Five Below. Couldn't believe all the cool stuff I found! Here is a start of what we have so far...I'm sure this will only get us through a couple hours, haha! 

I will label everything and where I found it in case you may need ideas for keeping your sanity fun road trip activities!
(please excuse the cell phone picture in dark room)

Left to right, bottom to top:
1. Red Tube-This is a mini M&M jar with a lid that snaps off, I'm going to fill this with pennies for counting, tracing, and throwing in the fountains at Disney.
2. Marble game-This is a container of oats with a cross slit into the lid for pushing marbles through, just a fine motor game to keep him busy. Marbles are from Dollar Tree.
3. aluminum foil-for making shapes, animals, hats, whatever else we can come up with!
4. Mickey box-This was a great find at Ross for 2 bucks! I will store some games inside and use it later for our Disney memorabilia.
5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring book from Dollar Tree. Lots of coloring on this trip!
6. Mickey Mouse stamps from Dollar Tree, he loves to stamp.
7. Mickey balloon from Kroger...just for fun!
8.Mickey and Friends puzzle from Dollar Tree...lets hope its not too hard.
9. Travel Mickey coloring pages and markers from Five Below. This will be great because it opens up like a book and has a little space for the markers so they won't roll away.
10. Mickey bubbles from Target-these are the best kind of bubbles, the ones that you squeeze and the wand pops up from inside ready with solution on it! No mess unless you turn it upside down.
11. Skittles...I don't need to explain this one, lol. Who doesn't like candy we can count, color sort and eat! Nothing like a good old sugar rush to get us through the ride! :)
12. Mickey color matching game-I made this from paint swatches found at Home Depot (free!) and a red file folder. Just glued them on and clipped the matches onto the side.
13. Take Along Thomas from Target-this is something we already had but is a big hit, he loves his choo choos! He will be able to play with this in his lap, I will explain later.
14. Lightning McQueen gummies with tongs-these were an awesome Dollar Tree find, the tongs light up and will give him something to do while eating them.
15. Crayon rings from Dollar Tree-you put them on your fingers to color with, super cute!
16. Dry erase markers for board from Five Below.
17. Stickerland activity book from Five Below-this is cool, its a sticker book where you build your car with stickers of wheels, car parts, drivers, etc.
18.Dry erase board from Five Below-this will serve as a lot of things, a tray for doing puzzles, trains and coloring, stickers and eating.
19. Donald wall climber from Dollar Tree-this is one of those things that sticks to the wall and flops down...we will see how it works, you never know with Dollar Tree toys lol.
20. I Spy Domnino game from Five Below-fun game to find the matching pictures and pick out things he knows.
21. Easter Eggs from Dollar Tree-these are from his Easter basket but will double for playing matching games and "hide the whatever" inside.
22. Playdough from Target-he can hide things inside, pretend to cook, make animals, etc.
23. My First Scribble Pad, this was a Christmas gift and he loves it. There are really cute doodles already drawn on the pages and you can color them or add to them.
24. Stickers- to put on paper, mommy, Dillon, etc.
25. My First Words flash cards with stickers from Five Below-it looked cool, hopefully he will like it!
26. In the City puzzle book from Five Below-he will love finding the trucks and things in the book and it will take longer since there is the puzzle part too!
27. Books we already have like Cherrioes book where you put the real Cherrioes in the holes to make a picture, Curious George On the Go, and First 100 Things that Go.
28. Tonka Chuck truck and ramp from Wal mart clearance- this might last a coupe minutes but worth a try lol
29. Construction paper we already had-we can do a few things with this, tear into pieces, fold into paper airplanes, color on, etc.

Other things not pictured-
*Lots of snacks like "smoothies", crackers, Mickey Mouse Foodles from Target (have apples, cheese and grapes in a Mickey shaped container)
 *The Iphone-Some of Dillon's favorite apps are Monkey Lunchbox, Paint with Sparkles, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Dance Mickey and Youtube.

Let me know if you have any other ideas!!  :)


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