Friday, February 25, 2011

Dillon {15 months}

Seriously...where did my baby go?!  I just turned around one day and he was gone. Now, in walks this toddler who thinks he is Mr Independent and Mr Comedian.  These days are probably some of the most enjoyable though, since I am home with him now. He is learning so fast and picks up on so much. I love being able to do fun things with him during the week like go to the Museum of Life and Science or to the park to run around!  Dillon is definitely all boy and wants to be outside 24/7 if we let him. We have to bribe him with food to come back inside, haha. You wouldn't think that's the case though because he is still our little string bean!

Dilly boo, here is what you have been up to lately:

You just went to your 15 month check up. You have been so calm and "whatever" at the doc up until today(your stranger anxiety has kicked in for the first time). Blood draws, shots or doctors never use to scare you. But today, you did not want him to poke you or listen to your ears. You were clingy to Mommy and told him "Bye" and blew kisses like "get the you-know-what away from me!" in the nicest way possible.  :)

You gave Mommy a little scare because Dr Clark and I noticed little tiny spots all over your body that we never noticed at home. They look like little freckles but are reddish toned. I can't remember everything the doctor said but he said something about probably nothing but could be low platelet levels, sometimes can be an indicator of things like leukemia.  Mommy didn't freak out too much, said a little prayer and we got your blood drawn for a quick check.  Everything came back normal, thank God.

You are 22 1/2 pounds and 34 1/2 inches long.  I would give anything to have your gnat-like metabolism. NO FAIR.  As much as you eat, its amazing how skinny you still are!  You are still in cloth diapers all the time and seem to be over your eczema. You have some dry patches on your legs but they don't itch. Your red hair is still red and its not going anywhere! It is getting curlier by the day and mommy doesn't want to cut it for a long time! You wear size 12-24 month clothes and even some 2T pants!  Thank goodness for adjustable waistbands!

From 12 months on, you have taken off on your walking!  It is so fun to see you walking around everywhere. I still can't get over how cute it is!  Your favorite thing to do is run around outside at the park! Sometimes you try to jump and its so cute.

Some words you are saying (or approximating) are- Mama, Dada, doggie, book, baby, hi, bye, hot, light, please, help, done, rock, ball, shoes, sock, bubble, diaper and hurt. You still use your signs to communicate a lot and it is very helpful to let mommy know what you want!

You are such a sweet, loving child. Yes, you have your moments just like a normal toddler, but you have such a loving spirit and we enjoy your hugs, kisses and cuddles. You know how to be sweet to the dog and to baby Zoey, you new friend. Your first two word phrase was "Hi baby" to Zoey. You love being out looking for kids to say hi to and older ladies to flirt with. My favorite thing you do when we are out is your fake sarcastic laugh. You might hear a group of people laugh and you will laugh at them as loud as you can (almost like mocking them) and it cracks mommy up!

Sometimes mommy and daddy talk about something you did or said after you have gone to bed and it makes us laugh so hard. We have so much fun with you and couldn't imagine our lives without our little ray of sunshine!!!  We love you so much!!!


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