Monday, July 9, 2012

Epiphanie Camera Bags

I  have been entering giveaways for this particular brand of camera bag for a long time, hoping I will win won! They have guest bloggers hold giveaways quite a bit.  Maybe I will get lucky! Or maybe I will just buy one! lol I am running out of room in my current camera bag and these are just too cute!  I am posting this to get another entry into the contest! Go check it out!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Big Boy Room Progress!

We didn't expect it, but Dilly is officially sleeping in a big boy bed already! Took him about 3 nights to go down without any problems. The first night, I cuddled with him until he fell asleep, took about 45 min. The 2nd night, he asked for about 10 things before going to sleep. Now, we put him down, he talks to himself and then falls asleep! I think it was so easy because it was his idea. He wanted to go ahead and sleep in the "big bed" so we said sure, why not!

A couple things we found that are going in his room:
The bedding is perfect, my mother in law found it with her awesome google searching skills. I tried to search for black and white train bedding (I was picturing something just like this one in my mind) but couldn't find anything online! We were going to get something similar in color at Ikea, but this is perfect bc of the trains!

Chevron curtains are hard to find, most of them are handmade and super expensive. I'm going to find the fabric and make them myself to save the money! They will look similar to above with a black rod for hanging. I love the pop of yellow!


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