Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Discoveries

There were three things I just discovered recently and are loving them all, so thought I would share! The first is a lady who makes monogrammed shirts, pillows etc and lives locally. I saw cute patriotic designs on her Facebook page and decided I wanted to have one made instead of making one myself. Lets face it, I don't have time to make things right now! Plus, I just love the clean look of embroidery!

Dilly and I drove to pick the shirt up the other day and discovered a couple places in Cary. First was Gigi's Cupcakes. I heard the name before and knew they were in Raleigh, but didn't know they were in Cary. These cupcakes were A- MA- ZING. The icing was 3 in high and the cupcakes were nice and moist. YUM. I had a white chocolate chip raspberry and D had  hummingbird. Good thing they are so far away! After we devoured the cupcakes in a non graceful way, we saw a park right below us at the shopping center. Kind of random, but they had a little park and splashground right in the middle of the center. It was fenced in and perfect for kids his age. He loved splashing in the water of course, and he was able to burn off some sugar.

Lots of fun things I hope to try or buy again soon!  :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dillon's New Room {Vintage Trains}

This summer will be a big change for Dilly man! We are moving his room next door so we don't have to flip flop bed and crib. It worked out nice since now we only have to paint one room vs two! When I saw the inspiration board above, I knew it was what we needed to do. The walls are already that grey color and Dillon is obsessed with trains! I am excited to start collecting train things for the walls and find some matching decor. We are going to hit up Ikea for curtains, blankets, duvet, sheets, etc then lots of antique/thrift stores for train things. I found a huge train book today along with 4 8x10 white frames and got started on some wall art (all from Ollie's).

This took FOREVERRRRRR. I cut out all the pictures, then changed my mind about 234364564534 times before I liked the completed collage. I am pretty happy with the results!
 Next, we are going to attempt a RR crossing sign headboard and then Ikea next month!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bump or Bloat?

Its hard to tell these days if I'm just bloated or if there is a bump starting to show! It feels weird this go round not showing as early, but here is a little glimpse. This is more for my record, I won't be posting belly shots all the time but just a few so this baby doesn't feel left out! (sorry little gummy, you get crappy phone pics, lol)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby #2!

A little sooner than we were planning, but when it comes to creating a baby, we will leave that up to God! Obviously, it was meant to be for us to have a crazy end of year with birthdays, holidays and anniversaries all in the same 3 months! Something I dreaded, but now I am looking forward to the chaos!  :)  I had a feeling I was preggo at Disney, but ignored it and carried on. On the way home, I was SUPER bloated and took a test the day we got back. Well, it popped up in about 5 seconds, and then of course I had to take a couple more to be sure. :)  I didn't tell Evan until the next day b/c I wanted to surprise him! Dillon and I found a Big Brother shirt and a cute card that said something like "This world needs more people like you, glad to see we are doing something about it!" I put a preg test in the card and the shirt on Dillon. He was definitely surprised and excited! Looking back, I am sooooo glad I wasn't feeling bad yet at Disney because I don't know what I would have done. A few weeks later, things started to unfold and let me tell you, they unfolded a whole lot more than the first time! In just a couple weeks I went from having a virus or food poisoning, full body hives for four days, a UTI and then another rash from the antibiotics. Besides all of that and the all day nausea, I am thankful it hasn't been worse and things are starting to level out now that I'm in the second trimester, whoop whoop!!
I signed up to be a volunteer for a free ultrasound in a couple weeks. It is for training techs/nurses and I am crossing all my fingers and toes they can find out the sex for us! If not, we can just wait until our Dr visit and hopefully find out then! I am super happy to still fit into all my regular clothes, especially my shorts/jeans. I always heard you start showing a lot sooner the second pregnancy, so I was thrilled to still be on the smaller side! The not eating for 3 months probably had something to do with that, but the baby is making up for it now! We recently took some announcement pictures with my wonderful friend Lauren/LES Photography. They turned out so awesome! I love hanging out with their family, so it was perfect for us to trade sessions! Here are a few super cute pictures I will treasure for a long time, can't wait to make some prints for the playroom!  :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Our weekend was filled with cookouts, water tables, pools and fondue! Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!


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