Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its Been a Year!

One year ago, I could not wait to marry this man.....
...Now, that man will not only be a wonderful husband but a wonderful father!!! I love you sweetheart!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

I have heard some pretty funny and interesting comments lately from people around town when they see my big belly coming. Here are just a few from the past couple weeks.....

"Ohhh my...giiiiiirl all I saw was your belly coming around the corner...." -Daycare worker during a therapy visit

"You look like you are about to pop. Do you want a reeses or snickers bar?"- lady at Walgreens checkout

"When are you due?" "What are you having?" "What is his name?".....- lady at TJMaxx checkout who wanted to play 20 questions or something

"Oh my gosh, when are you due??" "Oh, thats not far at all, I hope you are ready!"- nice lady at Fresh Market

"I hope you are staying away from all those nasty people with the swine flu!!"- concerned lady at Food Lion

All true and I had a good laugh hearing them all...I love how strangers see a baby belly and just can't contain their comments, haha!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Showered with Love

Diaper cake made by Nicole

Last weekend, my family and friends came together to welcome baby Dillon with a beautiful baby shower. My college roommate and sister in law worked so hard on putting together such a great shower. I loved all the little details like the decorations, advice cards, frame to sign, games and of course....the food!! The food was so good!!
cousin, aunt, me, grandma, mother and cousin

the hostesses with preggers

Baby Dillon received some awesome and much needed gifts. I am so grateful to have such thoughtful family and friends who love this baby so much already!! Baby Dillon is going to really enjoy his handmade gifts from his MiMi and MorMor(grandmas) who put lots of love into knitting a blanket and some sweaters!

My friends came over after the shower and helped put away all his new stuff and put the pack n play together(which was kinda tricky). Even though I was pooped and not feeling well all weekend, I had such a wonderful time at the shower. :)

**I have to post a picture of his closet now that I finally have it all organized(I think I rearranged it about five or six times, along with the dresser drawers). I'm sure that won't be the last of the organizing but everything has its place for now, so it works! Evan doesn't even bother putting things away because he knows I will just move everything around in a few days. haha.


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