Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Starting a New Thanksgiving Tradition...

Baked Pumpkin French Toast for breakfast.....YUM.

I will post the recipe after I try it out  :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dillon {11 months}

Hi sweet boy, you are almost ONE!  We are so excited to celebrate your birthday with family and friends real soon. You are changing so fast before our eyes, we can hardly keep up! It seems like you learn something new every day! Here is what you have been up to the past month...

You are still about the same size and wearing the same size clothes. You, Mommy and Daddy all had a stomach bug and lost weight from being so sick. You are back to your normal self now and are making up for the weight you lost with all your eating!

You love to point to everything...lights, fans, the dog, mommy, daddy, baby and pictures in books. You are also starting to point to body parts. You can point to your nose, hair and ears.

You are cruising a lot more around furniture and will stand with out holding onto something for a few seconds. You aren't close to walking yet, but that is okay with us!

You are drinking whole milk now! Bye bye formula! You love milk and have mastered drinking from a sippy cup. You love to try new foods and are not afraid of a little spice!  You've tried some chili, spicy italian sausage and a Hot Tamale(this was all daddy's doing)!  Your all time favorite foods are bananas and yogurt.

Some of your favorite activities include...turning off the lights, opening your drawers, pulling out your clothes and then putting them back in, trying to plug anything into the wall, feeding mommy and daddy, feeding your doggie, throwing tantrums, talking back and playing with your friends and cousin.

We love you little one, thanks for making these past 11 months the best 11 months of our lives!  :)


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