Monday, May 28, 2012

Disney {we survived!}

Our Disney trip was a while ago, so I figured it was time to post about and catch up on our lives, because we have a lot going on! First of all, Disney was so magical and just what we hoped for. The weather was probably the best you could get at Disney this time of year (no rain, sunny and low humidity) Dillon had a blast and that is all that matters. He did GREAT on the trip down, didn't nap (I knew he would be too excited) but played with all his 23434576567354 activities I brought along to distract him. Of course, the Iphone and DVD player helped too! We stayed in the All Start Sports Resort, in the basketball suites. D loved the giant basketballs, hoops, courts and of course, the pool!

 I'm glad we had some down time to just chill by the pool and relax, we definitely needed it!
We went to three parks during the week and the first day, we went to Downtown Disney to get all the Disney things we needed like an autograph book, Mickey ears, first visit pins, etc. We had fun riding the little rides like the carousel and train. We went to Legoland, saw the giant lego sculptures and played with some legos, of course! I saw a giant lollipop the size of Dillon's head, and bought it for him to eat for a few days. It lasted a while and came in handy when he needed a distraction at the parks.
 That bus?
 I see it! I see the bus!
 Seriously, when are we getting on the bus.

The first park we went to was Epcot. Dillon's favorite part was watching the monorail go by. He called it a train and insisted we take a ride. We got on, but immediately got off because he didn't like it. Oh well! He loved the "big ball" and talked about that a lot. The big water fountains were also a big hit.  He enjoyed the Nemo ride and seeing all the fish afterwards in the aquarium! His first character meet was here, and it was Pooh and Tiger. If you go to Disney, I highly recommend the Disneyworld app (can't remember the name, but its the official one they created) because it tells you where the characters are in the parks, and how long they will be there. We knew where they would be and were waiting close enough to get in line quick! After meeting Pooh and Tiger, we stayed in Great Britain to hear some music in a courtyard and relax. Dillon loved it, and played the air drums like a pro. We had dinner in Italy and had the best 5 dollar slice of pizza I've ever had! haha!

The next day, we were off to Animal Kingdom! Dillon LOVED AK! Most of all, because he got to see lots of characters! He was the most patient I have ever seen him while waiting in the lines to see them. We waited 20-30 minutes and he was awesome. I think he would have waited an hour to see his favorites! He saw Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pocahontas and Baloo (Sp?) We saw lots of animals walking around and enjoyed the parade with all the favorite characters. There were some pretty big contraptions that were like giant animals Dillon wasn't too sure about, so I held him the entire parade while taking pictures with my other hand. That was a good workout! The Lion King Show was pretty cool, but we didn't stay the whole time, D was antsy to go! We had lunch at a cool spot, down behind the BBQ place. It overlooked the water and the big roller coaster. A hidden spot that was quiet and relaxing! After lunch, we went on the safari. Dillon loved seeing the animals. He said his favorite one was the giraffe!


The final park was Magic Kingdom! This is also my favorite park. We took our picture in front of the castle, went on a few rides like Its A Small World, Dumbo, almost the race cars, and almost Monsters Inc. The no naps all week were catching up to him and he had a few meltdowns and didn't want to ride certain rides. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?  He did get to see Mickey and Minnie again, in their original form (the other ones had on safari outfits at AK) and he was so cute. He hugged them tight and was so bashful. But he loved every second! After seeing them, we did some shopping in the toy store! He also got to meet Buzz, ride the big train all around MK and see another parade!

On our off day, we enjoyed the pool, playground and going to Evan's lacrosse game. Dillon even played a little before the game.

Well, those were the highlights from our trip! I am so happy we were able to go, and I'm looking forward to the next time we go when D is a little older! Just seeing his face light up the whole week and hearing him say "this is fun!" over and over makes everything worth it! Annnnnnnnnnnnnd needless to say...he slept the entire way home. :)


I saw this on Pinterest a while ago and have been meaning to order some, when my friend posted a link to the website and it reminded me about them! After seeing my neighbor's cute magnets of her girl's artwork shrunk down, I thought this would also be a cute way to save his favorite artwork of mine.They come in packs of 9, all the size they are on your phone. I used a couple of his artwork and then some from our Disney trip. We always need more magnets so this is perfect, and an easy way to display my favorite pics of D! Here is a code if you want to order, you get $2 off! FRIEND5DJ9 
Happy Instagraming!!

Pullen Park

This was our first trip since they re did the park, and I was so impressed! The rides were great, Dillon's favorites were the train and the boats. Here is a cute little video of him riding with his cousin. D was waving at everyone as they went around, haha! He thought he was hot stuff!


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