Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ronan {2 Months}

Baby Ro is 2 months old! This is going by way too fast! Here is what little nuggy has been up to these days...

Growing! At his Dr appt, he was 12 lbs 3.5oz and 23 1/4in. and super healthy. He nurses every 4-5 hours, but during growth spurts sometimes its 2-3 hrs. He is so nice to his mommy and will sleep 8 hour stretches sometimes at night! Most of the time, its 5-6 hrs.

He is such a happy baby, so smiley and such a flirt. This baby loves to cuddle and we enjoy the cuddles right back. When he smiles, he has a cute little dimple on his left chubby cheek!

I was so use to Dillon being small, so Ro seems so big! He is already in 3-6 clothes and size 2 diapers!  He is just a little round lump and we love it. I am excited for cute little baby rolls  :)

Baby Ro loves to grab his toys in his car seat and watch his hands. He is so observant and loves to watch his brother go crazy. His neck control is amazing and he loves tummy time unless he is tired.

He loves napping in his swing, being swaddled, baths and cooing at mommy.

Love this sweet boy!

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